Top Read on Leadership April 13 2016

There are plenty of books on the topic of leadership, but we’d have to say “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” by John Maxwell is at the top of our list. Maxwell is an internationally recognized leadership expert, speaker and author and has sold over 19 million books.  The guy knows what he’s talking about! Maxwell believes that there are 21 “laws” to leadership that are true no matter where a person leads in any culture.  These laws are the starting point of leadership.  If you follow them, you will gain influence.

 Although all of these laws are thought provoking, a few of the laws are particularly interesting. “The Law of Influence” is one of those laws.   The premise of this law is that “The true measure of leadership is influence- nothing more, nothing less.  Leadership cannot be awarded, appointed, or assigned.  Influence cannot be mandated, only earned.  Lack of an official title doesn’t preclude you from leading, nor does having a position of authority qualify you to lead.” 

 “The Law of E.F Hutton” is another interesting law. This law is based on a TV ad campaign that ended with the motto: “When E.F. Hutton speaks, people listen.”  This law says you can quickly tell who the real leader/influencer is in a group, because when this person talks everyone listens, nods and begins to agree.  Pay attention and you will see this is true.

 The ninth law is “The law of magnetism.”  In this law, Maxwell describes leaders as magnets.  They are attracting new followers and often new leaders to themselves.  “Who you are is who you attract.  If you want to attract better people, become the kind of person you desire to attract.” – John Maxwell

 It’s really hard to just pick a few of these laws to write about.  They are all so interesting and everyone can learn from reading this book.