Get Familiar With the Next Big Name in Rap/R&B: Reo Cragun March 02 2017

It’s not hard to recognize raw talent when you see it, and its undeniable that our hometown friend Reo Cragun has got a lot of it.

Consisting of breathtaking melodies, intricate and original lyrics, and smooth hooks...the kid has everything it takes musically to blow up, let alone his grind/work ethic.

Reo is on his way to blowing up any day now. He dropped a new track with superstar/close friend of his Nipsey Hussle titled “Lost” a few weeks back, and his new track “Peso” just got premiered on Beats 1 Radio yesterday.

Don’t be surprised when you start hearing him on your car radio shortly, then seeing his face on TV, then heading to his headliner shows.

Get familiar with the boy on Apple Music, Spotify, Soundcloud, etc.