If You Love The Lord, You’ll Love Our First Apple Music Playlist August 26 2016

Here at Lead The Followers, we are fans of many kinds of music. Although some of the artists we support don’t always put out the best messages, we still know where WE stand in our faith.

Although many rappers have catchy songs with edgy lyrics and hot beats (who we still listen to by the way), it is important to balance your life and mind out by filling it with positive thoughts and words as well.

In this playlist, we feature Christian hip-hop legends such as NF (the holy version of Slim Shady, the witty and energetic duo of Social Club Misfits, arguably the number one legend in this category himself (Lecrae), and many more.

We have been using Spotify and Soundcloud to put out playlists for our fans to listen to, but we figured we would put one out on Apple Music and see how it does.

This playlist is tailored for people who love the lord and who also love to get hyped. 

Slap this while you are grinding in the gym, riding in the whip, getting ready, or whenever you just need a little energy.


Listen to Jesus Cuts by Jordan Feno on @AppleMusic.